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I would classify this as a lunch place, or perhaps a place to grab a quick bite before going to see a film.

The food is tasty and cooked freshly in an open plan kitchen. The menu is healthy and nutritious, the portions are generous, and the staff are cheerful.  A few years ago they had a white chocolate and sesame seed cheesecake, which I absolutely loved, but I'm not a fan of the white chocolate and ginger replacement. 

I'm not keen on sitting at canteen style tables with strangers.  The lighting is bright and precludes intimacy of any kind.  I don't like the ladle like spoons to eat your soup with, they may be traditionally Japanese, but they are a nightmare to use without spilling all down your front. 

I've personally never had a bad experience, but I know those that have been unwell afterward without being able to put it down to anything else. 

Overall, I would go back, but I'm not desperate to.  I like the "positive" concept and wagamama vision, perhaps more than the experience itself.  However, if the same food were served in a different setting I would be inclined to dine there on a much more regular basis.

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