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Chinaeast, Hatfield

Probably the best buffet restaurant I have ever been to.  The food was fresh, regularly topped up, and there was a multitude of choice.

I usually find that chicken in chinese food is slightly bouncy when you bite into it but this was not the case at Chinaeast.  My favourite chicken dish was the chicken satay.

There were so many starter options that I decided to try a little bit of everything.  Some of the best were, the crispy duck and pancakes, the vegetable dumplings, and the vegetable spring rolls.

I made the mistake of having a plateful of chow mein noodles, which, while being delicious, were not as amazing as the spicy rice noodles.  Sadly I only saw these on my last lap and I could only manage a few mouthfuls.

The negatives:

Sushi - Crab stick and cucumber sushi doesn't really count as far as I am concerned.  The restaurant already has a large choice and I think it would be better off without something which doesn't match up to the standard of the rest of the food.

Crab Claws - These were more like crab sticks, in bread crumbs, with a claw sticking out.  The texture was all wrong.

For £13 a head, I feel I definitely got value for money with my 7 plates of food.

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