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Online Shopping - deals and discounts

One of the benefits of shopping online over shopping on the high street is the many opportunities for discounts and deals.  The ideal way to find these is to first decide what to buy, once you have made this decision, you can look for discount codes for the site you are browsing, or you can do a price comparison and find the products' cheapest distributor.

If you are just trying to find out what deals are out there, there are sites that put together selections of the latest deals, many offer newsletters you can sign up for.  One of the most useful newsletters is from Martin Lewis (MoneySavingExpert*).

Many discounts available are for free postage and packaging, which means even if you're paying the same price you would in the high street, you've saved yourself from having to leave the comfort of your home.

Sites listing discount codes*

Price comparison sites*

Sites listing deals*

Other useful websites*

blahdvd - cheap dvds.

BookBrain - cheap books. - free software.

Quidco - money back on purchases made through clicking links from their site.

StudentFreeStuff - free stuff.

The Shoe Lounge - cheap clear shoe boxes.

* None of the websites within this article are listed for promotional purposes; these are intended as resources for the reader and are all free of charge at the time of writing. I have not yet tried all of these sites.

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